our innovation
+300 species of AMF (Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi) in nature
+85% plants receptive to AMF

At MYCOPHYTO, our factories are greenhouses. We identify arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, multiply them and then produce them.
Our innovation is a cutting-edge technology that combines methods of artificial intelligence and agronomy to put the plants' historic natural allies back at the heart of the action.​
An algorithm predicting needs
A mix of AMF adapted based on climate, soil and plant data
A unique biobank in Europe
Organization of selected and isolated species of AMF
A patented production system
Amplification of specific mycorrhizal mixes
Schema des éléments chimiques présents sur une plante sans et avec les champignons mycorhiziens
Mycorrhization is a fascinating symbiosis between a family of microscopic soil fungi and a plant.

Thanks to this natural alliance, the plant can capture water more easily, get privileged access to nutrients and resist various stresses more efficiently.

This virtuous circle enriches the soil and gives a more sustainable and resilient production.
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