the key to the soil
We develop biological solutions for a regenerative agriculture.
We have a positive impact on soil biodiversity thanks to our selections of mycorrhizal fungi adapted to each soil and each crop.
Increases soil biodiversity
Reduces the use of fossil and synthetic inputs
Improves the quality of produce
Preserves the health of farmers and populations
Builds a climate-resilient agriculture
+15% à +50%
water retained
-15% à -40%
Erik Orsenna

Erik Orsenna

Author and Member of the Académie française

A MYCOPHYTO shareholder who has been on board with and supported us since the start. Here he describes our universe in his own well-chosen words.
Even less known than microbes, but just as vital to us.
Because you should know that fungi have hands!
Indeed, each one of them has thousands of hands running down every single one of its filaments.
And all of these thousands and thousands of hands only follow their good heart and wish to serve.
Serve the roots, to help them capture the food which the plants need.
Serve the soil, to save water.
Serve the planet, to store carbon.
And satisfy our palate, by bringing out the aromas and flavours in our food.
By increasing the number of fungi, we mobilize an army at the service of Life.”