our impact
Let us preserve health of soils and the health of human beings.

Our vision

Soil regeneration is the cornerstone of efficient agriculture​.

The soil is a living thing. Just like any other living thing, it gets worn out when overused.

Soil & Water

40 billion $/year = the economic impact of soil degradation
70 à 80% of water consumed by agricultural sector
50% lower crop yields
95% of the food we eat comes from soil

Our mission

To revitalize the soil in order to preserve our agriculture and health.

To adapt our agricultural production and cities to climate change in order to maintain our food sovereignty.​

By taking care of our soil and making it resilient, we can ensure the sustainability of our nutrition!
In a context of geopolitical instability, where food sovereignty is a priority, it is necessary to work on strategies for decarbonizing fertilizers. Thanks to our expertise, we offer a unique natural solution. Mycorrhizal associations play a vital role in global carbon flows.
Carbon capture by vegetation
Mycorrhizas improve the absorption of nutrients, including elements needed for photosynthesis, such as phosphorus.
Carbon storage in soil
Mycorrhizas contribute to the formation and stability of soil organic matter.
Response to environmental changes
Mycorrhizas can influence the ability of plants to adapt to environmental changes, such as fluctuations in atmospheric CO2 and variations in water regimes. Their presence improves carbon sequestration.
Justine Lipuma et Christine Poncet

Justine Lipuma, PhD

Co-founder, CEO

Christine Poncet

Co-founder, Scientific advisor

“The goal of MYCOPHYTO is to support farmers in producing more and better with less.”
Justine Lipuma
To revolutionize agriculture ... that was the idea that Justine Lipuma had in mind back in 2015. At the time she was a young PhD student in microbiology and a passionate specialist in plant-microorganism interactions and mycorrhizal symbiosis. With her desire to create synergies between science and society, she realized that she needed to take her knowledge out of the laboratory and put it to use for soils and farmers.

The start-up MYCOPHYTO was born in 2017 from the scientific and ecological vision of two women: Justine Lipuma, Doctor of Microbiology, and Christine Poncet, an internationally recognized expert on agricultural production systems. The idea was to use fungi as natural fertilizers to improve plants’ nutrition, boost their natural defences, help them adapt to drought-related issues and to promote their development in better conditions.
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After a remarkable fundraising of 1.4 million euros in 2019, a new round of financing of 4.155 million euros was closed in 2022. MYCOPHYTO then moved into large-scale production, with the ambition of becoming the leader on the European market by 2025.

The MYCOPHYTO team is a DeepTech Pioneer developing major patents centred around the multiplication and conservation of AM fungi strains and the benefits of AMF on targeted crops.

Agroecology remains at the heart of MYCOPHYTO’s strategy, which is why the company offers farmers the opportunity to play an active role in addressing today’s challenges.

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